Compositing a Large Group

Iroquois Employees

When Iroquois Gas Transmission System wanted a group photo of all their employees to celebrate the company’s 25th. anniversary, getting everyone together at one time in one place was an impossibility due the nature of the jobs and their locations in Connecticut and New York state.
The solution was to photograph the core employees at their main headquarters and the rest at their other locations, and composite it all together in Photoshop. The challenge was to maintain similar lighting styles, perspectives and options for positioning in the group. And for an added hurdle, had to work with supplied images from persons who were not available at the shoots.
For reference, the original smaller group photo is on right. This image is probably among one of the largest complex composites I’ve ever worked on, over one hundred layers and almost two Gigabytes in size.

2016 Year in Review Video

Year in Review video for Gemma Power Systems’ annual employees meeting highlighting the year’s projects and staff.

The fast paced video was edited mostly from still images documenting the construction of their projects in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio, the people working on them and architectural images of their other completed projects in Pennsylvania. It also includes a testimonial interview with their client.

Gemma Power Systems is a leading company in the development, design, construction, commissioning and operation of large-scale power projects throughout the country.

Foggy Autumn Morning

Foggy Fall Morning in Vermont

Sometimes a wide angle lens is not wide enough. A 160 degree Panoramic view taken in Windham, Vermont stitched in Lightroom from nine separate images.

Kayaking Among The Treetops

Gale Meadows Pond is a 195 acre man made pond which is part of a 707 acre wildlife management area straddling the towns of Winhall and Londonderry in southern Vermont. The trees are remnants of the damming of the area in 1964 to make the reservoir and wildlife preserve.

Kayaking on the first day, we had mirror-like surprisingly warm placid water, perfect air temperatures, beautiful blue skies with puffy clouds and Great Blue Herons fishing around. Picture perfect, except I don’t usually take my Nikons on a kayak. However, I was determined to come back the next day with my camera to get a few pics. Of course, that day we had contrary conditions, with a variable cloud cover presenting rapidly changing light and very windy. Nevertheless, it was still a nice way to spend a late spring afternoon.

kayaking among the treetops

Aegean Light

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I usually don’t take my pro cameras on vacation. Time off, for me, has always been about resting the eyes and brain, recharging the batteries and not having to experience the world through a viewfinder. Of course, I always take a point-and-shoot camera for the memories and yes, there are often moments when I wish I had my better cameras with me.

Over the years I’ve made very few exceptions, the most recent being an anniversary trip with Joanne to the the Greek Islands of Naxos and Santorini, with a short stop in Athens before returning.

The Cyclades are a photographer’s dream; clear blue-green waters of the Aegean Sea against dramatic landscapes and bright, colorful houses. Joanne had the task of choosing which islands to visit within a short time frame, but finally decided on two of the most picturesque and contrasting islands, Santorini on the rim of a volcanic caldera and one of the most beautiful natural settings I’ve ever seen and Naxos, with its terraced hills covered with olive and citrus groves, whitewashed villages and evidence of a fascinating Neolithic civilization.

The gallery has a sampling of images, many of which are the results of experiments with different raw processors and High Dynamic Range. HDR is a process involving several exposures of the same scene to maximize the tonal range. The intense daytime sun on white buildings posed issues with detail and some raw processors worked better than others. It’s always a learning experience.

Seeing the results made me glad I brought the cameras along. Even though capturing that magical Aegean light would never be like the actual experience, bringing back nice memories is the next best thing.